Organize and Maintain!!!

These words sound some what like a body exercise. I am thinking of it more as life skills and discipline. For most of us stress is caused by financial pressures, overloaded schedules, career, family and other demands that are unavoidable factors in our busy lives. It’s no surprise that too much stress can take a serious toll on your physical body as well as your psychological well-being. My experience leads me to believe that a clean, organized home will help you start and end your day with a clean slate. A clean, tidy home will allow you the space to think clearly. STAGING plays a key important role in helping you sell your home.

In my entire career of decorating and STAGING with Franchi Decor, I want you to know what my most repeated comment is that I hear from my clients: "I wish that my home looked like this before, I would have never thought to list it for sale!!!!" When I complete a staging job, my clients usually remark that they wish they had decluttered a long time ago! They seem so stressed before they begin the process, but so incredibly happy and releaved once the task is complete.

Don’t forget that when you do declutter your home for sale, you are also preparing a more focused way of living and thinking clearer for your next home along with all of your wonderful experiences that you are going to have. Package your items carefully and preplan your storage area space in your new home- OR SIMPLY CALL ME to list your home. There is no need for an extra Staging fee. I have the skill set, twenty five years of experience and my consultation and staging is free when you list with me.

By the way! I had a wonderful and related experience on one of my listings at Jefferson and Bathurst: The buyer purchased the whole interior of the home also - furnishings and accessories! The sellers were really happy with this transaction; and to think of it, this experience also lowered the cost of hiring a mover!


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